Top 6 High-End Clubs in London that Matter

When it comes to partying and nightly entertainment, London knows its groove and style. Popular for its cultural and tourist destinations like the Dickens Museum, the Hitchcock walking tour, Buckingham Palace, St Paul Cathedral and the Thames, the city of London is also a happening destination when it comes to serious partying and entertainment. Yes, the cultural and financial capital that the world also knows how to party and rock its audiences. Through the years, the city of London has managed to create another personality- as an epicentre of the night clubs and corner pubs. The best party places in London are not just defined by the volume of noise that one can hear; the best places to party and groove at night are also defined by the vibe, location, and the people who love to party in style. If you are looking to visit London for business or pleasure, it is recommended to take a good look at the options available when the night starts to creep in and the party mood starts to rise. Here are 6 high-end London night clubs that every traveller and party enthusiast should consider.

Corsica Studios

%d0%ba%d0%b5151Some of the best clubs around the world are known for their superstar DJs and their fans. Don’t expect the same elements when you visit Corsica Studios for a night of musical entertainment and fun. A not-for-profit art complex, Corsica Studios is driven by the need to promote culture and creativity, and this is done by hosting some of the best and memorable club nights in London. There are different rooms available including Room One and Room Two. Room One is known for more intimate parties and Room Two is popular for its pulsating music and parties. There is also a smoking area at the Corsica Studios, which is a memorable space to commune with the music and just enjoy the party vibe. The intimate space at Corsica Studios is one of its bestselling points; individuals who love music take centre stage. At Corsica Studios, participants can count on highly talented producers and musicians who share the same passion for music – from deep techno to wonky rave.

Ministry of Sound

Before it became a record label, the Ministry of Sound was considered one of the best clubs in London, and even the world. The club was envisioned as a place where London party regulars can enjoy house music and pure sound. Instead of focusing on design and other party or club essentials, Ministry of Sound puts the primary focus on the sound system. The result is one of the best clubs in London clubbing history. It has attracted some of the best and most well-known DJs around the world. According to the latest figures, roughly 300,000 clubbers attend the club every year, and the Ministry of Sound has played host to DJ Tiesto and David Guetta. Since the Ministry of Sound is highly popular, it is best to book tickets in advance.

Pickle Factory, Bethnal Green

%d0%ba%d0%b5152This new bar and club is housed in the same facility where a former company manufactured chutneys and pickles. Today, the club is aptly named the Pickle Factory and delivers entertainment for clubbers and fans. The Pickle Factory runs live shows nightly, and also serves food to guests. The real entertainment and action happens during the weekends when the party vibe starts to rise. Guests can expect an intimate space at the Pickle Factory with warm and electrifying sounds filling the space. Guests can expect minimal design and stripped back lighting. The focus is on a high-end and superior quality sound system.

Village Underground, Shoreditch

For music fans looking for live music, pulsating DJ sets, and a friendly crowd, the choice is in the form of Village Underground, Shoreditch. Housed in a unique location, the entertainment starts as soon as one visits the compound, and enters the carriages. When you spend a few hours at the Village Underground, you will instantly appreciate the values supported and promoted by the club. Just like Corsica Studios, the Village Underground puts the focus on culture and creativity. The design and layout of the club helps in promoting an authentic and enjoyable clubbing experience. The first-time visitors will easily love the combination of a unique architecture, great-looking club layout, and the clubbing atmosphere – all help create the perfect recipe for live music. Today, live music is not the only thing that will happen at the Village Underground. The Village Underground is the perfect place to visit if you are looking to check out exhibitions, live art, concerts, and theatre. There is also a plan to turn the area into an exhibition site. In short, the Village Underground is now an all-round complex for arts, culture, and music.

Metropolis, Bethnal Green

%d0%ba%d0%b5153If you plan to party, get naughty, and just want to enjoy the night, then the Metropolis will form part of that bucket list. The Metropolis is located in Bethnal Green. The unassuming environment contrasts with the excitement and adult fun that happens inside the club. As soon as you enter the club, you will be entertained with strippers that gyrate for customers, usually businessmen looking for fun and naughty entertainment. From Mondays through Thursdays, the Metropolis is home to strippers with neon lights in the background. During Fridays and Saturdays, the Metropolis becomes a gay club, and the strippers are replaced by drag queens. If you want to experience authentic fun at the Metropolis, then better check out the place every Saturday. Be prepared for the long lines. Some attendees and guests compare the lines to the lines that defined the iconic Studio 54. Every room at the Metropolis has a theme, which gives guests a chance to find the best area to party and have fun. You will even find a beach-like setting on the top floor complete with sand and cabanas. For those planning to party wildly, then a few hours at the Metropolis will certainly cut it.

Bloc, Hackney Wick

When dance matters, the Bloc at Hackney Wick is the best place in London to be. The dance floor can accommodate up to 500 dancers and guests at a time. The pulsating dance music will set the tone of the party for the rest of the night. An interesting feature of the building is a window that perfectly frames the Olympic structure by Anish Kapoor, which helps provide drama for dancers and party-goers who dance until dawn.

These are just six of the most high-end and exciting night clubs that can be visited and experienced in London. Sure, the city of London is home to corner pubs where one can walk in and order a few beers, but when real action and entertainment matters, then a visit to one of these night clubs should be part of your bucket list. Make sure that you arrange your bookings and tickets ahead of time since the majority of these high-end clubs are usually full and busy, especially during weekends. If not, better prepare for the long lines that are often found in front of these establishments.