Get Close to the Action at the Most Exclusive Sports Events

%d0%ba%d0%b5149For many sports fans, especially busy professionals, the best and most comfortable way of watching sports events is right at home. Fans love the comfort afforded by watching at home; they don’t need to worry about the crowds and travel time. While some fans consider this a comfortable approach to watching and following sporting events of all types, others consider the action at the venue more exciting and satisfying. This is the reason why attendance at sporting events is still increasing. Many fans and serious enthusiasts are looking at VIP lounges and rooms at these exclusive sports events. Premium rooms and VIP lounges are the gold standards when it comes to experiencing the matches in real time. By signing up for these arrangements, individuals and sports enthusiasts get close to the action, and they get a chance to rub elbows with fellow enthusiasts.

What to expect from VIP room ticket prices

%d0%ba%d0%b5150Match day tickets, especially for football, are considered premium items among sports fans and followers of sports. This year, the lowest match day ticket is £15 offered by Newcastle, but this can go up to £126 per ticket for the most expensive and popular teams, like Arsenal. If you think that these prices are expensive, well think again. For sports enthusiasts looking for more and who want to get on the action, the VIP clubs and lounges serve as the perfect venue for game watching, and it comes at a price. Different leagues or sports will have special rates for their exclusive rooms and clubs. For example, if you want to follow football, particularly European Football (EUFA), then you will pay a premium for a seat or ticket.

The lowest priced ticket for a place at the Sky-box of UEFA is EUR 950. The price of the ticket will also depend on the matches, whether they are semi-final matches or final matches. Tickets for semi-final matches can reach EUR 2,900. According to the official website of EUFA, this ticket will allow the person to watch the live games in Lyon or Marseille. For individuals who want to get a piece of the action during the finals and join the frenzy, one must be prepared to pay EUR 6,900. The prices for these exclusive rooms and boxes may vary depending on the match and the number of guests.

For some sports like tennis, the VIP rooms, especially the Royal Box, are usually by-invitation only. The interested parties are expected to book these tickets in advance, and the booking will normally include a three-day package including buffet, afternoon tea, parking, and programme.

VIP lounges and clubs offer a feast for the senses

These tickets are pricey and ultra-exclusive, but the comfort, entertainment, and exclusivity that fans and sports enthusiasts will enjoy are priceless. Fans who manage to purchase tickets for these rooms and lounges are given the precious opportunity to mingle with like-minded fans and get close to the action in style.